April 26, 2020

Southwest Greens of Austin, together with parent company Shaw Industries, announces the introduction of a patented HydroChill™ pre-coated filling. The new pre-coated product builds upon the success of HydroChill™ Home, an ingenious cooling system started in October 2013. Created to combat the heat on artificial turf and landscape surfaces, HydroChill is the first heat reduction product of its kind and one of the only solutions in the industry to lead to considerable and sustained temperature differences.

Although results will vary due to geographic location and local factors such as humidity, wind fluctuations and cloud cover, HydroChill Home has been able to have 30°F to 50°F lower surface temperatures compared to a standard artificial turf surface when evaluated by an infrared thermometer. The technology is applied to a artificial turf and, when charged by water, pulls heat from the turf system leaving a cooler, more comfortable surface. The cooling impact of HydroChill Home after rain or watering can last days depending on local conditions and is most effective when surface temperatures are hottest. HydroChill is most successful when the sun is closest to the earth’s surface resulting in temperature differences of 50 degrees in real world, third party validated outdoor tests.

Check out how HydroChill works

The new HydroChill mixture is a natural advancement of our cooling technology innovation. It demonstrates our devotion to continue to forward our products to meet and anticipate customer needs. Recent HydroChill projects are implemented at the Waldorf-Astoria and a Property Brothers HGTV section aired in 2014.