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How Much a Backyard Putting Green Costs
August 26, 2021
Learn what impacts the price in Austin and why in this piece. Are you looking for a backyard putting green? Wondering how much of an investment you’ll need? Here are some of the elements that influence the expense …
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Cut Costs With Synthetic Turf Tee Lines
July 29, 2021
And why Southwest Greens of Austin is the ideal choice for tee lines. Does Synthetic Grass Really Save Money? Simply put — absolutely! Most golf courses lose money as a result of weather conditions or maintenance problems, but …
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Finding the Right Fit for Your Rooftop Project
July 19, 2021
Why synthetic turf is better than organic grass for roofs. Rooftop Greenery Green rooftops have been making a difference in cities across the world. Green rooftops deliver shade, absorb heat from the atmosphere, and decrease the roof …
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Why You Want Synthetic Grass Tee Lines
July 8, 2021
And why Southwest Greens of Austin is the ideal option for tee lines. Why Use Synthetic Grass Tee Lines? Organic grass on tee lines is quickly becoming the minority. Tee lines are subjected to regular foot traffic and damage from golf …
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Picking Artificial Turf For Pets
June 23, 2021
Learn why synthetic turf in Austin is preferrable to traditional grass Grass Solutions for Pets Getting a dog doesn’t mean you need to give up your ambition of having an elegant, green lawn. You simply have to have the right type …
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EIGCA Silver Partnership
June 15, 2021
Southwest Greens has recently commemorated 15 years in the EMEA area a milestone we are pleased with. From a cowboy beginning of adopting a synthetic soccer grass field and dubbing it a tee box to designed solutions that play and look authentic a lot has evolved.
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Backyard Putting Green Aim Possibilities
April 12, 2021
Your guide to understanding how aim works on artificial turf. Putting Baseline Putting is an essential stroke in the game of golf, as it can immensely influence a player’s outcome in a single round. Any putting surface, natural …
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