October 13, 2022

Artificial turf can get dangerously hot, whether you live in a climate that stays warm year-round or only in the summer months. It may arguably be one of the greatest shortcoming of a synthetic surface. When a synthetic turf surface is exposed to sunlight for prolonged periods of time, it can get hot and take a little while to cool back down. But due to much research and testing, Southwest Greens has the solution — Hydrochill.



Hydrochill is a groundbreaking technology that’s added to the turf's infill that uses the energy of evaporative cooling. Hydrochill works like how sweat cools you. As the artificial grass is warmed by the sun (solar radiation), moisture that is present in the surface treated with Hydrochill evaporates to eliminate the warmth and leave a cooler, more comfy surface.


Ambient heat outdoors doesn’t wholly dictate surface temps. Over time, sunlight (solar radiation), the angle of the sun, wind, cloud coverage, and numerous other components impacts the surface temperature. Hydrochill uses water to provide a cooling effect. This moisture comes from irrigation, dew, or rainfall to keep a synthetic grass surface chill for days, depending on local weather. It offers its greatest benefit in the hottest part of the day.

Based on lab and outdoor lawn thermocouple examination, Hydrochill has reached 30 - 50 degrees cooler surface temperatures in comparison to conventional turf systems. More tests were executed by a FLIR-Certified Thermographer employing the most modern camera images and technology. Forward-Looking Infrared readings indicate just how much cooler the surface is with Hydrochill, diagram below.

This groundbreaking technology comes in two forms — as an applied spray and as a pre-coated sand infill. Both are similarly efficient at cooling the surface. Hydrochill will naturally retain moisture and will be activated from irrigation systems or a straightforward spray from a garden hose. It’s non-toxic and does not have detrimental environmental effects.




According to the CDC, heat exhaustion and heat stroke can be extremely unsafe. Heat exhaustion is the body’s answer to extreme loss of water and salt — typically over sweating. Heat stroke is even more dangerous, that occurs when the human body cannot maintain its internal temperature, causing sweating mechanisms to break down. An artificial turf cooling system helps to lessen these ailments by decreasing the surface temps.



While it’s not a very hot and sunny day, synthetic grass temperatures can still get hot enough to be uncomfortable. Hydrochill will work continuously to maintain your synthetic lawn at a lower temperature if you live in a climate that goes through regular downpour. If you live in a low humidity environment, a swift rinse every now and then will keep it operating perfectly. It will be furthermore ease for both kid’s and puppy feet.



If you are considering Hydrochill for an athletics field, it is one of the best investments you can make. Humidity and heat may produce difficulties for athletes by raising their body temperature too much and resulting in dehydration. When synthetic grass is cooled through a high tech system like Hydrochill, athletes will play better by positively impacting their endurance.



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