IPEMA Certified Solutions

March 26, 2020

IPEMA is a third party institution that ensures safety and compliance for playground products. Via independent testing, Southwest Greens of Austin was shown to meet the criteria a key safety test concerned with shock absorption and the impact of falls (ASTM F1292-13).

Southwest Greens of Austin has a long history of producing sustainable artificial grass solutions. Synthetic grass is an excellent solution for municipalities and school systems that recognize the need for long-lasting, great looking, and safe surfaces.

The modern Play 50 IPEMA certified system includes two fall height systems (2’-5’ and 6’-8’), ADA compliance and the HydroChill™ evaporative cooling technology. Our installations meet or exceed CPSC requirements and ASTM standards. ​IPEMA’s endorsement is a statement for the safety of our products, which is paramount to us as well as the family homes, health centers, assisted living facilities and school districts that use our products.

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