June 15, 2021

Southwest Greens Synthetic Systems Solutions

Science Behind The Field

Bounce | Aim | Roll

Southwest Greens has recently celebrated a 15-year presence in the EMEA zone — an achievement we are thrilled with. From a “cowboy” start of taking an artificial soccer turf and calling it a tee box to customized solutions that look and play genuine — much as changed.

At Southwest Greens, we start developing with an eye on the final result. We make every effort to create artificial putting green turf that has the same appearance of genuine turf. The feel we stated is in the context of ball behavior — more particularly — bounce, aim, and roll.

Bounce, aim, and roll speaks of the underlying technology behind our artificial putting green turf products. This project is known as “Science Behind The Surface,” and we examine our artificial system against genuine turf using a playability assessment tool.

Thorough fieldwork is performed, and data is being gathered from many genuine surfaces to acquire a high-quality reference. To discover more concerning the “Science Behind The Surface” and to appreciate our celebration post together with EIGCA Silver, check out the full article here.

Are You Looking for the Best in Austin?

The putting green grass we provide is simply amongst the most intuitive in the industry. If you’re on the lookout for artificial turf to revolutionize your game, Southwest Greens of Austin has the perfect solution for you.

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